<ONLINE TOUR>Tokyo Bay Cruise & Impersonators LIVE Show

<ONLINE TOUR>Tokyo Bay Cruise & Impersonators LIVE Show

  • Date & Time
    2021年9月18日(土) 11:30~ (Japan)
  • Price
    1,500 yen
    (tax incl.)
  • Duration
    1 hour(s) 05 min(s)
  • [LIVE] Tokyo Bay Cruise
  • [LIVE & VTR] Tokyo Sightseeing by the Bay
  • [LIVE] Impersonators Live Show!
  • [VR 360°Contents] All about Cruise Ship
Course #
Tokyo Bay
Max. #
20 persons
Min. #
5 persons
  • Tokyo Bay Cruise
  • Toyosu (famous for Olympic Village, Fish Market) from the sea
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Tokyo Gate Briege

Points of Interests

  • [LIVE] Tokyo Bay Cruise

    Enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay from cruise ship “Symphony”!
    Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge and other scenic spots are coming up right in front of you at home♪

  • [LIVE & VTR] Tokyo Sightseeing by the Bay

    Passing beautiful bridges below them on the water by VTR and LIVE!
    Going by Olympic Villages, Toyosu where the Toyosu Fish Market located, having a view of Skytree, and more!

  • [LIVE] Impersonators Live Show!

    Have fun with impersonator live show!
    ・Kenichi Mikawa by Kenji Mikawa
    ・Mini Ohtani-san & Sho Aikawa by Sho Aikawai
    ・Songs from “Demon Slayer (鬼滅の刃)” by Yuki Taguchi

  • [VR 360°Contents] All about Cruise Ship "Symphony"

    Exploring the cruise ship “Symphony” in and out!
    Backyard of the most popular cruise ship by the bay, all the different types of room, open and closed area, etc.


  • Meal
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • LIVE
  • VTR


  • Opening
  • Tokyo Bay Cruise
  • Impersonators Live Show!
  • Tokyo Sightseeing by the Bay
  • [VR 360°] All about Cruise Ship "Symphony"
  • Ending


Terms & Condittions

Terms & Condittions

Min. # of Participants 5 persons
Max. # of Participants 20 persons
Included in Price Participation Fee of the Online Tour
Planned & Opperated by Chokotabi Tama
This online tour is conducted using Zoom Web Conferencing tool.The use of Zoom (free) is necessary.
Each customer needs to set up his/her envrironment and is responsible for the internet connection and the use of the device such as PC/smartphone for the use of Zoom.
Before applying for the tour, please understand that we cannot offer support for the Zoom system.

Cancellation Policy

Fully refunded if cancelled before 8 days prior to the travel date.
The cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price will be charged if cancelled after 7 days prior to the travel date.

About Zoom


・Network Environment (minimum):1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps or more(Up/Down)
・Device Needed:Camera, Spearker/Headset/Earphone, Microphone (Please test them before the session!)


・Please use the "nickname" you filled in on your application form as your display name.
・We might take control on your online status as needed.
・Please use "chat" function if you have any questions or concerns. We will reply when possible.
・The time schedule and the contents of the tour are subject to change.

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